Do you use databases?
No. We create custom databases. Determining your ideal customer profile first, and then identifying key decision makers matching this profile.
Do you do cold calling?
No. We use only emailing as preferred tactic of starting conversation with potential clients. It is less intrusive, empowering to reach out to people at the right time.
Can you run the campaign with my leads?
No. Since we won’t be able to guarantee the outcome of such campaign. Low quality database can negatively affect the tendency stats,especially in terms of deliverability.
Could you generate first lead as a trial?
Applying LEAN approach to email outreach, we prepare short lists of prospects and small (trial) campaign to measure the effects quickly: mainly to test our message copy and the choice of your target. In the end, you will be also able to observe the tendency results (in terms of opening, reply ratio, etc) and check the leads’ quality by email exchange.
Will we be the only one receiving the leads or do you send them to multiple companies?
No, only you receive the list of leads we were able to track down for you.
Do you set an appointment or do create a list of leads and send me?
No, we don’t provide appointments set yet. And yes, you'll also receive a list of all the quality leads we were able to track down for you, which you can later use to increase your conversion rate through multiple cross-channels.
What do you mean by Hot lead?
Lead is qualified as HOT when s/he responded with interest at some point of our message sequence, acquiring additional info/call/demo, etc., willing to move conversation forward.
How do you get emails?
Not to go into details, we use a mix of channels and search engines, find only publicly available information, and run it through proven verification tools.
Can we sign NDA?
Yes, there is such an option, upon mutual consent of the parties.
Do you contact the leads on behalf of our Company or your own system?
To keep conversation easy, we prefer to do outreach on behalf of our clients, so that you could immediately continue the conversation from where we left off, without confusion.
What is the guarantee?
Under monthly package solution we guarantee the number of hot leads we provide, otherwise you get your money back.
Can you schedule appointments in my calendar?
No, we don't provide appointments setting for our clients yet.